College Football Betting – Our Top 5 Teams

People are crazy about college football. And college football does have its own massive followers of bettors too. As one of the pack,College Football Betting – Our Top 5 Teams Articles I made my own list of the tip 5 teams in the college football world today. I would not proclaim myself as an expert bettor (because experts wouldn’t really want to share their picks and secrets with anyone) I’m just a regular bettor who also wins a lot of bet and would like to share this with other people who does college football betting too. Try to use it in your next bet and I’m sure that you your winnings will increase too.Oklahoma StateSome of the big names may have moved on from Oklahoma State, but that doesn’t mean there แทงบอลออนไลน์ isn’t anything to get excited about in Stillwater this season.

Oklahoma State has become one of the most offensively-prolific teams in the nation under Mike “I’m a Man” Gundy, and last season was the ultimate payoff for the legions of orange-clad Cowboys fans. The Pokes were able to pull off yet another impressive offensive display against Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl, winning the program’s first-ever BCS bowl on its very first attempt. Watch out on what Oklahoma can do this season because they are definitely one of the teams to put your college football bettingon

.Oregon DucksThe Oregon Ducks have been one of the nation’s most consistently successful teams over the past few seasons, winning three straight Pac-12 (formerly Pac-10) titles, and finally breaking through to win the resulting BCS game this past season—the Rose Bowl game. Head coach Chip Kelly has 34 wins already his in very young career, and the Ducks will be going for an unprecedented four-peat this fall.LSUOkay, so last season’s mistake-filled field goal fest wasn’t much fun to watch, and the rematch in the BCS National Championship game wasn’t much better. Those two games aside, LSU has been incredibly entertaining and exciting to watch since Les Miles came to town. One obviously doesn’t earn the nickname

“The Mad Hatter” for putting together bland and boring game plans and making restrained and sober play calls.MichiganWhen Brady Hoke was named head coach for the Wolverines, it was seen as a nod to the past. After all, Hoke is cut from the same cloth as Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr. Hoke is intimately familiar with the aura of “Michigan Football,” and knows full well what it means to be a “Michigan Man.” Bo Schembechler’s famous quote,

“Those who stay will be champions,” is still painted in the Michigan locker room. We all knew Hoke took those words to heart. What we didn’t know is that he’d turn those words into reality so quickly. During his first season, Hoke transformed Michigan from that bumbling once-great powerhouse into a team that could beat anybody on any field on any given day. And the result was a Sugar Bowl championship.AlabamaNick Saban has proven himself to be one of the best coaches in the game, and he may yet earn a coveted spot in history alongside names like Knute Rockne, Bear Bryant, Bo Schembechler, Woody Hayes, and Joe Paterno.